JOIN the “F.I.T.” REVOLUTION – It’s not a diet It’s a DECISION to a healthier lifestyle.


Forever F.I.T. is an advanced nutritional, cleansing and weight-management program designed to help you look and feel better in three easy-to-follow steps: Clean 9, F.I.T. 1 and F.I.T. 2.

Clean 9 will help you begin to remove stored toxins from your body and feel lighter and more energized.

F.I.T. 1 will change the way you think and feel about nutrition and exercise and teach you how to make your weight-loss sustainable.

F.I.T. 2 will help you build lean muscle, tone your body and complete your transformation.’

Together, these three Paks will help YOU get F.I.T. and look and feel great!

Real people, real results in losing weight – completed a 69 day FLP program:

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The Clean 9 program can help you to jumpstart your journey to a slimmer, healthier you. This effective, easy-to-follow cleansing program will give you the tools you need to start transforming your body today!

Your Clean 9 pak includes: (9 Day Plan)

  • Aloe Vera Gel® – 2X – 1 liter bottles
  • Forever Lite Ultra Shake® – 1 pouch Vanilla or Chocolate
  • Forever Therm™ – 18 tablets
  • Forever Fiber™ – 9 sticks
  • Forever Garcinia Plus® – 54 softgels

Retail price $92.85





Forever F.I.T. 1 will teach you how the change the way you think about food and exercise and provide you with the knowledge you need to get inspired and change your body for the better!

Your F.I.T. 1 pak includes: (30 Day Plan)

  • Aloe Vera Gel® – 4X – 1 liter bottles
  • Forever Lite Ultra Shake® – 2 Chocolate or Vanilla pouches
  • Forever Therm™ – 60 tablets
  • Forever Fiber™ – 30 sticks
  • Forever Garcinia Plus® – 70 softgels
  • Forever PRO X²™ High Protein Bars – 10 Chocolate or Cinnamon Bars

Retail Price $239.87


Forever F.I.T. 2 will take you to the next level by helping you to tone your body, burn more calories and transform. Lean muscle is essential to weight loss for both men and women, and Forever F.I.T. 2 program will help you learn how to build it and sustain it!

  Your F.I.T. 2 pak includes: (30 Day Plan)

  •  Aloe Vera Gel® – 4X – 1 liter bottles
  • Forever Lite Ultra Shake® – 2 Vanilla or Chocolate pouches
  • Forever Therm™ – 60 tablets
  • Forever Fiber™ – 30 sticks
  • Forever Garcinia Plus® – 70 softgels
  • Forever PRO X²™ High Protein Bars – 10 Chocolate or Cinnamon Bars

Retail Price $239.87

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Holiday Specials and Gift Sets – Aloe Healthy LIfe USA


♥Welcome to Forever Living Products and special offer during the holiday season!

Normally we don`t offer products at discounted price because they are already priced really well, but this time around we have a fantastic deals (these sets are 5% – 20% discounted) on our products and available only on this page. You are welcome to chose the package you like and I will nicely gift wrap it for you.

Please note that these packages are NOT available online as I am personally offering these discounts. However, should you decide to review and buy some products from our Online Store at regular price you are welcome to do so.

Should you have any further questions or if you would like to place custom order please don`t hesitate to contact me directly at or 630)556-3493 and I will be happy to help with your questions. Happy Holidays!

Ordering is very simple:
(1) Select packages you like.
(2) Call me asap while quantities last to place your order.
(3) We accept cash, VISA, Master Card and PayPal payments.


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Forever Active HA

untitledActive haForever Active HA® provides a unique form of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, with moisturizing and lubricating properties, plus Ginger Oil and Turmeric – making it one of the most powerful nutritional joint and skin moisturizing supplements on the market.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a special protein that our bodies produce to lubricate and cushion our joints and muscles, as well as to insure adequate skin hydration. As we age, our bodies produce less and less HA. With less HA, our joints can lose their natural lubrication, and our skin appears rough and dry. Until recently, HA had to be injected because the digestive system could not absorb it in its natural state; but thanks to a new and unique process, HA may now be consumed orally. And for centuries, Chinese herbalists have used Ginger and Turmeric to help promote proper joint function.

With low molecular weight HA, plus the power of Ginger Oil and Turmeric, Forever Active HA® is your key to becoming a well-oiled machine again!

  • Lubricates the joints and moisturizes skin
  • Unique form of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid
  • Contains beneficial ginger and turmeric root for joint support


$27.20 / 60 Softgel Capsules

Forever Living Products are not sold in stores, you can buy them online entering my Aloe site

(Prices exclude applicable sales tax and minimal shipping charge)

 Ships Fast + Cheap – Try Risk Free – 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

**NEW** Forever Therm

Boost Energy and Metabolism with 2014 New Forever Therm


Forever Therm Boost your energy levels and kick-start metabolism with 2014 New Forever Therm Aloe Vera Beauty Health product.  This powerful, supportive formula helping you on your weight-loss journey. Starting on a weight management program can be a daunting task, and the road to meeting your goals may seem arduous and lengthy.

Forever Therm is designed to help accelerate your weight loss efforts so you see results faster and achieve your ultimate desired shape and weight loss goals. With a unique combination of botanical extracts and nutrients, it can help boost your metabolism, to maximize your efforts.
•Beginning a healthy, calorie-controlled diet
•Establishing a regular pattern of exercise, are two major steps that will carry you through your journey to success.

  There are also additional tools that can help support your endeavors.  Achieve greater and faster results when used in conjunction with our Clean 9 Weight Loss & Cleansing Program.

 What Does New Forever Therm Contain?

1.) Green Tea extract provides the metabolic – and antioxidant – support of powerful polyphenol compounds known as catechins, which have been well-researched for their support of thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is the burning of fat to produce energy in the cells of the body. Forever Therm™ also provides natural caffeine-related alkaloids from Guarana seed extract to help support energy levels during your workouts and busy day. Studies show that Green Tea is synergistic with natural caffeine to support thermogenesis

2.) Green Coffee bean extract provides unique compounds – chlorogenic acids – not found in high levels in roasted coffee beans. These active constituents are shown to help inhibit the absorption of glucose and, as such, may help to support normal blood sugar levels for those already in the normal range. Such effects can help to control cravings as well as dips in energy levels.

3.) Raspberry Ketones, and a full complement of B vitamins with Vitamin C. Research indicates that Raspberry Ketones may help to support the metabolism of fat, which can be used by the body for energy production. B vitamins and Vitamin C are essential in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Since these vitamins are readily depleted during times of physical stress – such as during exercise – replenishment is important and can play a role in metabolic support. Of course, the foundation for any successful weight management program is maintaining a healthy diet and obtaining adequate exercise. Our new product provides a powerful combination of botanical extracts and nutrients to support energy and metabolism and help you achieve your goals.

Suggested Use:

Take 2 tablets daily. You can take one tablet on the morning and one at lunch or take both tablet in the morning – whichever is most convenient for you. It is suggested not to take it after 6pm due to its natural caffeine content.

$22.79 / 60 Tablets

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Forever Fiber



Forever Fiber™ provides 5 grams of quick-dissolving fiber in a convenient stickpack to support a healthy diet. Experts recommend that we consume up to 30 grams of fiber daily for optimal health and digestive function, yet sadly, most people only consume approximately half that amount. Our search for convenience in the foods we eat means that we aren’t obtaining the adequate amounts of fiber that we need to support our health. Forever Fiber™ is a proprietary blend of four types of fiber, and offers a convenient way to add some extra fiber to your diet – by sprinkling on the foods you eat, mixing with Forever Aloe Vera Gel® or other beverage, or adding to your water bottle when you are on the go!

While we often associate fiber with supporting digestive function – and this is certainly very true – fiber provides significant benefits to the body overall. Forever Fiber™, taken between meals, can help to support feelings of fullness, thereby controlling appetite and cravings, and caloric intake. This is especially important for those on a weight management program, when used with a healthy diet and regular exercise. By also helping to support normal blood sugar levels already in the normal range, and slow the absorption of macronutrients from our foods, fiber can also help limit feelings of sluggishness or low energy after we eat.

Fiber has been shown to support cardiovascular function and, of course, because scientists now recognize that up to 70% or 80% of immune function in the body is associated with the gastrointestinal tract, fiber may help to support the immune system via its benefits for digestive function. Adequate soluble fiber intake can facilitate removal of waste products from the body and may help to relieve occasional constipation.

Forever Fiber™ makes it easy to add more fiber to your diet by providing 5 grams of soluble fiber in each stickpack. That is the equivalent of almost 1 ½ cups brown rice or 2 slices of whole wheat toast – without the carbohydrates and calories! Forever Fiber™ is a convenient way to increase your overall daily fiber intake and optimize your health.

• 5 grams of fiber per stickpack
• Designed to provide a convenient way to support optimal fiber intake
• Readily dissolves in water, Forever Aloe Vera Gel®, or other beverages.
• Quick-dissolving, mild-tasting, grit-free, and gluten-free

Item #464  $22.86  (30 stickpacks)  Price does not include sales tax and minimal shipping charges.