Holiday Specials and Gift Sets – Aloe Healthy LIfe USA


♥Welcome to Forever Living Products and special offer during the holiday season!

Normally we don`t offer products at discounted price because they are already priced really well, but this time around we have a fantastic deals (these sets are 5% – 20% discounted) on our products and available only on this page. You are welcome to chose the package you like and I will nicely gift wrap it for you.

Please note that these packages are NOT available online as I am personally offering these discounts. However, should you decide to review and buy some products from our Online Store at regular price you are welcome to do so.

Should you have any further questions or if you would like to place custom order please don`t hesitate to contact me directly at or 630)556-3493 and I will be happy to help with your questions. Happy Holidays!

Ordering is very simple:
(1) Select packages you like.
(2) Call me asap while quantities last to place your order.
(3) We accept cash, VISA, Master Card and PayPal payments.


Silvia Heimann 630)556-3493

 To buy these products at regular retail price and non-wrapped, click here.

 Yes, we have 100% money back guarantee for 30 days!

~~~Happy Holidays~~~














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