Organic Beauty

imagesCAMLB03VOrganic Beauty


 There are many beauty products available on the market today. You see them everywhere! So, why is going “green” or organic a sudden surge in popularity? Are they better than non-organic beauty products that we use today?

 I will answer these questions, but first I will define organic beauty products. It is very simple! Products such as moisturizers, creams and even cosmetics which are wholly or mainly produced with natural or organic compounds. Given this definition, we are aware that these three factors make organic products better than non-organic.

  Organic Beauty: One They just work better – you can compare beauty products with food. Food tastes better if the ingredients used for cooking are real and natural. Natural and organic compounds react better in the overall health of our bodies. There are chemicals and compounds that react better with what nature gives us.

  Organic Beauty: Two. They are safer and better for our body. When you apply something on your skin, it’s effect is not limited to the skin only. Your body absorbs it too. So what is applied to the skin affects the whole body also. Generally, non-organic products such as alcohol, phthalates, SOLS / SES, formaldehyde and other toxic substances are sure to harm our bodies. Organic beauty products, namely 100% organic products are free of harmful chemicals. Therefore, they are safer and benefit our skin and body much better than synthetic alternatives.

  Organic Beauty: Three. They are environmentally friendly – The production process of these products are beneficial to us and our world. Harmful chemicals and fertilizers are not used in the production process so that we can be sure that our environment, our water, our soil and our wildlife are not affected by the production of these beauty products.

 Given these three factors, it would, no doubt, be clear to see we should buy and use organic. However, not everyone is convinced of this greatness. If everyone were to use organic beauty products, we would be much healthier, without side effects, now and in the future.



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