My Dreams……

I used to travel alot, go out to fancy restaurants and shopped til I dropped, but recently that has all changed.  Life has taken on a new meaning.  The world has changed and now there are different fears and worries that I have to struggle with.

Where do I find a new job?  How am I going to pay the mortgages?  How am I going to pay for health insurance?  How can I afford to pay for gas?  The list keeps growing.  Man, I really miss my old life.

While browsing the internet several months ago I stumbled upon an opportunity.  This opportunity gives you a plan to get back on your feet so you can continue to do the fine things you used to do.  So, I continued to do my research.  As I did this I realized it’s going to be hard work with lots of new things to learn and meeting new people but, it could be fun too.  I wouldn’t have to travel to work, I could do this from my home and I can choose my hours and I can plan my day accordingly.  So I took the plunge and thought what the heck!  I can do this!  Why not?  Like I said, the world is in turmoil right now, lots of companies are not hiring and there’s no one knocking on my door to hire me. The clock keeps ticking and the bills keep coming.  So, I am going to choose how I want to continue the rest of my life.    I’m definately not afraid of working hard, I will have to work on my people skills and I will have to put my whole heart into it.

There I said it and I did it.  I started my own business.  My company is called Forever Living Allure and I am looking for people to work with me to make my dream of becoming financially independent come true and to help you make your dream come true.  The skills that are required are hard work, a great attitude and a burning desire to get to the top.

What do you think?  Come and take a look at what my business is all about  and  &

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