Boost Your Day……The Natural Way with ADX7 Technology

images188 Introducing FAB – Forever Active Boost

Original FAB or New zero calorie FAB X are the only energy drinks in the world to combine the health benefits of Aloe Vera with the award winning blend of adaptogenic herbs called ADX7. The results is something more than we imagined. With FAB you get a great-tasting drink that gives you benefits that have not been seen before in a beverage. Only Forever Living Products can bring you a product like this.

ALOE VERA: Nature has given us a wonderful gift in Aloe Vera Millions of Forever Living distributors will attest to the life changing benefits that it has brought to them. Forever Living has infused these great benefits into FAB by including genuine Aloe Vera Gel into the drink.

GUARANA: This natural supplement gives you energy to tackle the touch tasks that are ahead of you. We get this ingredient from the seed of the famous Guarana Berry. It’s great taste and natural health benefits have made it very popular in Brazil and famous throughout the world. This powerful little berry became famous in Brazil for it’s great taste and the fact that it is a natural stimulant. It is often used in sodas, energy shots and herbal teas. Laboratory studies have shown Guarana to be an antioxidant.

TAURINE: This is an organic acid that has many fundamental biological roles. It is essential for cardiovascular function, and development and function of skeletal muscle, the retina and the central nervous system. It is said to support a body under stress or fatigue. It’s job in FAB is to replenish nutrients that are often lost during intense exercise or just to offset the negative effects of stress.

ADAPTOGENIC HERB BLEND: Our proprietary blend of adaptogens have a key benefit in helping the body experience the maximum results from an energy drink. When our body is under stress it can reach a level where our body shuts down. We have seen this happen in individuals who have stressful lives. Adaptogens support the body in coping with the stresses it is under. A body free from stress is uninhibited to experience life without boundaries.

VITAMIN B: B-complex vitamins are water-soluble vitamins that are not stored in the body and must be replaced each day, they are eliminated in urine. We need a continuous supply of them in our diets. The benefits are far reaching and a deficiency of b vitamins can seriously effect our health.

ELECTROLYTES: Electrolytes are the smallest of chemicals that are important for the cells in the body to function and allow the body to work. Electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, and others are critical in allowing cells to generate energy, maintain the stability of their walls, and to function in general. They generate electricity, contract muscles, move water and fluids within the body, and participate in myriad other activities.


It is a proprietary blend of Adaptogenic Herbs, Vitamins, Aminos and Electorlytes. The first proprietary technology which creates healthy energy without the use of caffeine or other harmful stimulants.

The key to sustained healthy energy is stress reduction. Most people recognize that stress has a diminishing effect on  energy. The key is cortisol, a stress hormone that is released by the adrenal glands into the body when any form of stress is present. When our cortisol levels are too high a “spike” occurs, the body shifts into a catabolic mode draining its protein energy and electrolytes. Too much cortisol is known to promote weight gain, cause fatigue and raise blood sugar levels. ADX7 works with your body to control cortisol levels.

ADX7 provides an Athletic Advantage. ADX7 works with your body at the cellular level to replenish your energy levels more effciently. Dr. Rik Deitsch, Ph.D., stated “The adaptogenic herbs have been shown in published trials to aid in increasing oxygen uptake into the cells, thereby increasing ATP  production (the body’s energy currency). This spares muscle glycogen and allows you to be active for longer periods of time.”

$45.60  (8.4 oz.)  Sold on by case of 12


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